I am an Assistant Professor in the Department of Economics at the W. P. Carey School of Business at Arizona State University. I am an Applied Economist working on Empirical IO/Market Design, Education Economics, and Labor Economics. I broadly study market design policies in practice in the context of matching markets. My current research focuses on how dynamic considerations and imperfect information can affect the design of matching markets, change the performance of assignment mechanisms used in many countries worldwide, and impact agents' outcomes.


Working Papers

Dynamic College Admissions, with I. Ríos, Reject and Resubmit at Econometrica . [See paper] [See electronic companion]
Application Mistakes and Information frictions in College Admissions , with A. Fabre, M. Martinez, C. Neilson, and I. Ríos. [See paper]
Do “short-list” students report truthfully? Strategic behavior in the Chilean college admissions problem, with I. Ríos. [See paper]

Work In-Progress

Occupational Licensing in Global Labor Markets: Evidence from Physicians , with J. P. Atal, P. Muñoz, and C. Otero.
The Effect of Automation on the U.S Labor Market under the Affordable Care Act , with H. Fang, and A. Shephard.
Hybrid Dutch auctions and Toxic bonds, with T. Mylovanov, and R. Vohra.

Selected Publications

Improving the Chilean College Admissions System, with R. Cominetti, I. Ríos and G. Parra, in Operations Research (2021). First place, Doing Good with Good OR - Student Paper Competition (2018). [See paper]

Other Publications

Effect of Including High-School Grades Rank in the Admission Process to Chilean Universities, with A. Mizala and I. Ríos, in Pensamiento Educativo, 52 (1), 95–118, 2015. [See paper]
Hunter-gatherers maintain assortativity in cooperation despite high-levels of residential change and mixing, with K. Smith, I. Mabulla, C. Apicella, in Current Biology, 2018. [See paper]

Other Working Papers

College admissions problem with ties and flexible quotas, with R. Cominetti, I. Ríos and G. Parra. [See paper]


Ph.D. in Economics

2015-2021 University of Pennsylvania

Master in Management and Public Policies

November 2013 University of Chile

B.A in Industrial Engineering

December 2011 University of Chile