I'm a fourth-year PhD student in Economics at the University of Pennsylvania. My research interests are in Empirical Market design, Matching, Economics of Education and Labor Economics. I'm currently working on projects related to the redesign of the Chilean centralized College Admissions' system, understanding the application behavior of students under uncertainty, and the impact of automation in the US Labor market.


PhD in Economics

2015-2020 University of Pennsylvania

Master in Management and Public Policies

November 2013

B.A in Industrial Engineering

December 2011


Do “short-list” students report truthfully? Strategic behavior in the Chilean college admissions problem, with I. Ríos.
Improving the Chilean College Admissions System, with R. Cominetti, I. Ríos and G. Parra, in Operations Research (R & R).
College admissions problem with ties and flexible quotas, with R. Cominetti, I. Ríos and G. Parra, (working paper).
Hunter-gatherers maintain assortativity in cooperation despite high-levels of residential change and mixing, with K. Smith, I. Mabulla, C. Apicella, in Current Biology (2018)
Effect of Including High-School Grades Rank in the Admission Process to Chilean Universities, with A. Mizala and I. Ríos, in Pensamiento Educativo, 52 (1), 95–118, 2015.
Estudio de los factores determinantes de la deserción en el sistema universitario chileno, in Revista Estudios de Políticas Públicas, 1, 1 – 23.